Pioneering Remote Customer Witness Testing

Given the process critical & integrated nature of Lintott’s factory-built products, most clients require a comprehensive ‘witness test’.  This takes place in the factory environment & is attended by at least one client technical representative.  The test provides the client with confidence regarding how the equipment will operate when installed (usually alongside other process plant).

Since 2015, Lintott has been developing its end-to-end digital ecosystem, known as i-Catalyst®.  This comprises proprietary hardware & software systems with a raft of internally-developed ‘cutting-edge’ applications.  In addition to ground-breaking product design software (which can reduce ‘tens of days’ to just a few hours) i-Catalyst® facilitates remote witness testing (which is often referred to as a “Customer Factory Acceptance Test”).  In response to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of clients have put such capability to the test in the last week, with success results!  Importantly, this negated the need to travel & attend the factory.

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