Environmental Policy

The need to minimise the impacts of the Company’s operations & services on the environment is an imperative for Lintott Control Systems Limited. As a matter of Policy & Strategy, the Company strives to promote Sustainable Development & environmental awareness across all levels of decision-making.

When developing the Company’s operations & BS EN ISO 14001: 2015 certified Business Quality Management System, the Company will:

  • As a minimum, comply with all environmental regulations, laws & codes of practice, applicable to all business activities.
  • Set environmental targets & objectives designed to improve the Company’s environmental performance.
  • Promote environmental protection in all activities & shall establish & develop documented procedures therein.
  • Identify & prevent any pollution resulting from the Company’s operations, products or services.
  • Endeavour to minimise the amount of waste generated by its operations & implement strategies that promote waste minimisation, re-use, recovery & recycling where appropriate.
  • Dispose of all waste through safe & responsible methods in line with the Company’s formalised Waste Management Policy.
  • Strive to eliminate unnecessary use of energy & natural resources, & to reduce operational carbon & Green House Gas emissions.
  • Ensure activities are conducted in such a manner as to eliminate or minimise the impact on wild& life, wildlife habitats & the visual amenity.
  • Implement & share best practice from customers & along the wider supply chain.
  • Liaise with key suppliers to ensure that they recognise & minimise the environmental impact of their products & / or services.
  • Involve team members in environmental matters & promote the same through training, communications & reappraisal of methods of working.
  • Pursue a programme of continuous improvement of all policies & practices.

This Policy & its implementation have the full commitment of the Company’s Directorate, Management & Staff. Adherence to it is a mandatory requirement. All team members are actively encouraged to help develop this Policy & to contribute to such improvement(s) as working practices, technological & legislative advances occur.

Any changes to the Business Quality Management System are planned & implemented in a controlled manner to ensure overall integrity & effectiveness is maintained.

This Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance & to ensure its compliance. A signed copy is available on request.