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Chemical Dosing Systems

Factory-built systems for treating water & wastewater. In addition to temporary & custom-designed solutions, Lintott has one of the largest standard product ranges for disinfection, fluoridation, odour control, pH correction, plumbosolvency, coagulation, septicity control, quality monitoring & recycling applications. Sectors include municipal water & wastewater, food & beverage, industrial & building services.

Chemical Free & UV Treatment Systems

Factory-built standard & custom-designed solutions for water & wastewater treatment utilising non-chemical technologies. Similarly to Chemical Dosing Systems, sectors include municipal water & wastewater, food & beverage, industrial & building services.

Electrical Control Panels

Standard & bespoke low voltage Motor Control Centres (conventional, intelligent & withdrawable), Power Distribution & Process Control Systems. Lintott's expertise spans multiple sectors & encompasses all size & configuration variants.

Systems Integration

With over 5 decades experience serving industry with both small & large-scale process solutions, Lintott is a leading expert in the design & implementation of telemetry, SCADA, PLC, Intelligent HMI & digital integration applications. This has included some of the most technically demanding requirements within the Utilities space.

Supporting Services & Aftercare

Our multidisciplined skilled team can provide a vast array of supporting services, providing assistance throughout the full product lifecycle. This includes an Asset Heathcare Programme incorporating planned, reactive & emergency support & maintenance services.

Fit 4 Offshore Renewables

Demonstrating the Companies readiness to deliver to the offshore wind sector, Lintott Control Systems has been granted Fit-4-Offshore-Renewables status through ORE Catapult and Nuclear AMRC’s program. Please forward any enquiries to sales@linottcs.co.uk.

The Complete Value Proposition

Lintott Control Systems Limited is a pioneering customer-centric & multi-award winning Process Solutions Provider. The Company specialises in the design, manufacture & after-care of factory-built, packaged Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems, Process Software / Systems Integration, & Electrical Control Panels.

The primary objective is to redefine Standards, continually creating value & delivering simplicity. This seeks to realise Lintott’s Vision to be “the first choice supplier – every time”. In addition to standard customisable solutions, digital connectivity provides clients with reduced lead-times & ever-smarter solutions.

Our Core Credentials

No. 1 priority: health, safety & wellbeing

Health, safety & wellbeing are the Company's Number One priorities. This mantra is reflected in Lintott's foremost corporate value: “Health, safety & wellbeing are integral to all processes & practices.” At the heart of this is the principle of ‘care for everyone’ - subsequently woven into everything the Company does.

Environmental Best Practice

The Company is strategically committed to improving all environmental aspects of its business, including both operational & embodied carbon - small wonder why operational carbon has reduced at 7% over each of the last 5 years.

Digitally Pioneering

i-Catalyst® is the name for Lintott's game-changing & award-winning digital ecosystem. This encompasses a suite of innovative & integrated tools which redefine design, project management & aftercare processes.

People Matter

Lintott provides colleagues with the training, independence & support to deliver results & to make a real difference. People-based statistics include employee positivity of over 87% (in each of the last 3 anonymous satisfaction surveys) & 30% growth in training events in each of the last 5 years.


The Company has a long & proven track record working collaboratively with a raft of organisations to add stakeholder value & to enhance mutually-beneficial learning & development opportunities. Today, Lintott's network extends to client, supplier, academic, civic & community-based partners.

Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement

Striving to outperform, benchmarking & continuous improvement are strategic business imperatives. This has led to the ongoing reinvention of the Company, multiple awards & accolades, but moreover, a deep desire to improve at the fastest rate possible.

Leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility

Lintott has an ethical & genuine desire to make a positive difference. This is reflected in its highly progressive CSR strategy & programme. This includes the completion of some 50 community events each year, 10 STEM Ambassadors, an onsite community-based training academy & Lintott's "Barnaby Meadow" nature-in-industry initiative.

Technical Competence

The Company is rigorous in the ongoing development of its in-house technical competencies – demonstrated by c45% of its entire workforce being qualified to national qualification Level 4 & above.”

Certifications & Achievements

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