Health, Safety & Wellbeing

No Compromise: Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Lintott has a ‘no compromise’ approach regarding Health & Safety. The Company’s foremost Corporate Value states, “Health, Safety & Wellbeing are integral to all processes & practices.” At the heart of this is the principle of ‘care for everyone’.

Below is an up-to-date summary of the Company’s current performance. For more information, please contact Lintott’s Business Assurance Team via: or telephone 01603 594200.

As a direct result of Policy & Strategy, on & off site, over the last 6 years, the Company has significantly reduced accidents. Further demonstration is also seen by the Management System Evaluation of Health & Safety by Achilles:

Management System Evaluation & On-Site Assessment: Feb 2020100%

Current areas of focus

The points below are areas where the Company is focusing effort to promote & achieve the safest working environment possible: 

  • Rollout & promotion of Safe Working Practices.
  • Stakeholder engagement to further reduce recorded injuries (cuts & strains).
  • Regularly held Interactive Health & Safety Events attended by all employees.
  • Engagement with the Supply Chain to share best practice & opportunities to learn.
  • Housekeeping auditing programme, with emphasis on both Health & Safety & the environment.
  • Site-based audits, with emphasis on both Health & Safety & the environment.
  • The fostering of a culture of Wellbeing as well as the provision of Mental Health First Aiders.
  • Inclusion of Health & Safety targets & objectives in every employees appraisal.

Current Health & Safety statistics (updated 01/07/2020)

The Table below provides an overview of current Health & Safety statistics:

  • Rolling accident free people hours: 3,720.
  • Rolling RIDDOR free people hours: 175,371.
  • Rolling Absence Rate: 6.03 (July 2019) versus 5.1 (July 2020)
PeriodInternalSiteTop 3 Injuries
YTD61Slips, Trips & Falls / Cuts
RYTD112Cuts, Strains, & Eyes
Prior RYTD143Cuts, Strains, & Eyes