Legacy Systems & Renewals

With extensive knowledge of numerous (current & legacy) software architectures & hardware platforms, Lintott’s highly qualified & trained Software Application Engineers are able to maintain & support, as well as upgrade, Legacy Systems & applications.

Lintott’s System Integration department regularly takes place in Asset replacement surveys. This is where Lintott will carry out a site survey to assess what is currently in use, how it is currently in use, then to figure out what will need replacing. Lintott’s Engineers then reverse engineer the existing software packages, design new hardware and software, decommission the old hardware, then recommission the new.

Features & Benefits

  • The knowledge gained as a result of serving Industry over 5 decades.
  • Upgrade specific ageing hardware to save on whole site costs.
  • Reverse engineered code to make new hardware act exactly as it should.
  • From small to large scale systems.

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