CSR: Punching above our weight

Lintott Control Systems is committed to continually developing its award winning programme of Corporate Social Responsibility. This seeks to contribute to the sustainable development agenda by delivering economic, social & environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Below is a small snapshot of activities & sample credentials:

  • c70 community events undertaken annually;
  • 8 STEM Ambassadors who work with schools & colleges to promote science, technology, engineering & mathematics (38% are currently female);
  • Carbon focused: 7% reduction in carbon in each of the last 6 years (compound rate);
  • Investing in the future: Training events have grown at a 27% of each of the last 6 years (compound rate);
  • In-house β€˜STEM’ Lintott Industry Accelerator Training Academy which contains the latest Computer Aided Design software & process automation hardware. This is provided on a cost neutral to schools, colleges & universities;
  • 14% reduction in accidents in each of the last 7 years (compound rate);
  • ISO 14001 accreditation (since 2004);
  • Various fundraising activities (Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Norwich Foodbank);
  • Mental Health Awareness & Support (7 trained Mental Health First Aiders, & Mental Health Champions, through MHFA England).
  • Creation of an on-site environmental project – β€œBarnaby Meadow”. As well as being a sanctuary which seeks to promote local wildlife, Barnabee Meadow provides a rest area for both colleagues & visitors;
  • Leadership & active participation in local industrial & economic development initiatives & projects (such as the New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering sector group – since 2015).

Underpinning this, the Company has a raft of partnerships, which includes but is not limited to the following organisations: