Barnabee Meadow: Creativity at Work!

Last year, Lintott colleagues began work on an environmental & wildlife project; they aptly titled “Barnabee Meadow” (reflecting Norfolk’s name for a ladybird, known as a “ Bishy Barnabee”).  To date, this includes the planting of shrubs, grasses & alpines, a grassland, bug factory, an assortment of bird boxes, pond area, a fenced-off walkway, & an outside seating area).  As well as being a sanctuary which seeks to promote local wildlife, Barnabee Meadow provides a rest area for both colleagues & visitors.

Whilst never affecting customer deliveries & crucially, observing strict social distancing, colleagues have continued to develop the area, most recently creating a raised waterfall & additional planting – with more to follow!  This is in readiness for an official launch sometime in the near future (watch this space!)  The Company is delighted to share the photo’s below by way of a reminder: Despite the current crisis, creativity & optimism flourish.