Business Assured

Championed directly by the Board of Directors, continuous improvement is a strategic business imperative & ingrained within the fabric of Lintott.  The Company gained certification to BS 5750 Part 1 back in 1991.  Today, the Company operates a fully integrated e-Business Management System, which encompasses Quality, Health & Safety, IT Security & Environmental Management.  In the vein of continuous learning & improvement, this is benchmarked & continually updated.

A programme of aligned approaches & channels feed the continuous improvement process. This includes internal & external auditing, such as the 6-monthly surveillance assessment of the Company’s Management System & operations by UKAS accredited organisations, & the annual Utilities Verification & Assessment by Achilles [the Utility Industry’s pre-qualification system, used by procuring organisations to monitor & maintain standards [known as “UVDB”].

Demonstration of both continuous improvement & the successful pursuit of the Company’s Culture & Values, for the second consecutive year & the fourth occasion in its history, Lintott has scored 100% in each criterion part of the UVDB assessment.

Certificates can be provided on request or for more information please contact the Business Assurance Team via:

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