Added Value: Yorkshire Water

Working collaboratively with Morrison Utility Services, Lintott Control Systems was awarded Yorkshire Water’s AMP6 Pontefract Lane ‘Position Control Valve’ project (part of the Leeds Calm Network scheme). Although the client provided an incumbent design concept, as a direct result of Lintott’s Value Strategy (which includes the specific application of design for manufacture, assembly & maintenance principles), the Company’s Technical Function provided a re-engineered solution to the delight of the client! This included combining three previously separate “Form 1” control panels within a “Form 4” design, alongside the removal of a prior complex conduit scheme & significantly reduced field cabling.

Adding such value fuelled by ground-breaking design digitisation & automation (reducing design time from weeks to days & even hours) & a growing service & aftercare proposition is everyday practice! To discover more, please contact: We’d love to hear from you!