Britain’s manufacturing heroes named in Liverpool

During the Digital Manufacturing Week held in Liverpool (14th to 16th November 2018), Lintott’s Chief Operating Officer, Jamie Thums, was recognised in The Manufacturer Top 100 (2018). The scheme is run by The Manufacturer magazine, in partnership with Cranfield University, one of the country’s top centres of business education.Now in its fifth year, The Manufacturer Top 100 project, publicly recognises the most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing. Its goal is to help dispel popularly-held myths that vibrant manufacturing in the UK is a thing of the past! Awardees are drawn from every walk of UK industry, from top floor to shop floor. From Sanjeev Gupta, who is singlehandedly transforming the British steel industry, to Amy Druce, Production Team Leader at BMW MINI Plant Oxford.They are selected from hundreds of nominations for the examples they set to young people aspiring to a career in industry; 100 unique and uplifting stories of struggle, grit, determination and success against all the odds, personal tales of individuals helping to change popular perceptions of careers in manufacturing and draw young people into the sector. 

Nick Peters, Editorial Director of The Manufacturer and of The Manufacturer Top 100 report commented during the formal drinks reception, “The individual stories in the report published today (available from are a compelling reminder of how strong and vibrant UK manufacturing really is. We need to keep saying that, because as a nation we seem to harbour the notion that no one in the UK makes things anymore, and young people are discouraged from considering careers in manufacturing. The truth is we do make things – we are the world’s 9th largest manufacturing nation – and careers are very well paid. But there are too few skilled young people coming through the system. It is on behalf of that new generation that we do this. We want to break down the decades-old prejudice against manufacturing. We want parents to get excited about recommending a career in manufacturing to their offspring, not see it (so erroneously) as an occupation of last resort. We must not let the prejudices of yesterday poison the opportunities of tomorrow.” 

The Manufacturer Top 100 judging panel include:

  • Paul Everitt, CEO, ADS
  • Jenny Holloway, CEO, Fashion Enter/Fashion Capital 
  • Nigel Fine, CEO, Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Dr Hayaatun Sillem, CEO, The Royal Academy of Engineering 
  • Jane Robinson, Former Director Cutting Technologies 
  • Harris Makatsoris, Professor of Manufacturing Operations, Cranfield University 
  • Steve Evans, Director of Research, University of Cambridge 
  • Bernard Molloy, Global Industrial Logistics Director, Unipart 
  • James Selka, CEO, MTA 
  • Carl Perrin, CEO, Institute for Future Transport & Cities 
  • Colin Brown, CEO, Institute of Mechanical Engineers 
  • George Edwards, Founder, Gas- Sense Solutions 
  • Bill Williams, Chief Executive, CEME Ltd 
  • Stephen Phipson, CEO, EEF 
  • Jan Ward CBE, CEO, Corrotherm International Ltd