“Barnabee Meadow”

Fusing both Lintott’s Environmental Excellence Programme & its HRM Strategy (which seeks to continually enhance the employee experience) Lintott is creating a new nature area directly on its grounds. 

In an authentic celebration of the Norfolk region, colleagues have named the area “Barnabee Meadow” (a ladybird is referred to locally as a “Bishy Barnabee”).  The area is also being developed by Lintott personnel.  It will feature a tree line, meadow flowers, birdboxes, a pond, aquatic grasses, a large grassed events area & a picnic seating section.  Once complete, in addition to facilitating an onsite wildlife habitat, it offers colleagues the opportunity to embrace the natural world & experience the mental & physical benefits of being outdoors during rest periods.

Pictured above are Production colleagues Glenn Ireland (left) & Daniel Rowe (right) preparing the pond area.