Another outstanding Achilles UVDB score shouts out!

It is with great pride that Lintott can announce it scored 100% in all but two areas (of eight) pertaining to its most recent Achilles UVDB Assessment, with ‘industry-defining’ scores for the third-year running. This also reflects three different assessors on each occasion!

Management System Evaluation:Score:Onsite Assessment:Score:
Health & Safety99%Health & Safety 98%
Corporate Social Responsibility100%Corporate Social Responsibility100%

Lintott Managing Director, David Owen, commented; β€œI am delighted with this result for the third consecutive year. I am, however, completely fastidious about the necessity to continuously improve every aspect of our business.”

“I therefore call on every Lintott colleague to increase their rigor, & to ensure that the customer is central to every business activity & decision.”

“I look forward to working with my colleagues throughout 2018, as together, we continue to reinvent our Company & to do everything possible to delight the client.”