UV & Chemical Free Treatment Systems Innovation & Case…

Severn Trent Water Challenge

In 2014, Lintott was awarded the single-source Severn Trent Water framework for the design, supply, installation & aftercare of factory-built UV disinfection systems (kiosk & skid format).  To meet non-negotiable programme deadlines, putting the customer first & to ensure that ‘Outcome Delivery Incentives’ were not breached, it was a non-negotiable imperative for every associated stakeholder to share, be open & provide a seamless, fit-for-purpose integrated solution.  This was duly achieved.

Responding to Severn Trent Water’s aspirations & showing equal appetite, Lintott led the charge to accelerate the delivery programme, which was subsequently improved by some sixteen months – delighting the client in the process.  A key milestone was to have six units on site by March 2016.  By that stage, Lintott had delivered ten units, eight of which were fully operational. Overall, Lintott has exceeded the initial requirement of twenty-six systems, subsequently supplying thirty (twenty-eight of which were kiosk-based). In terms of aftercare, Lintott is responsible for providing all planned & emergency maintenance (24 / 7 / 365) throughout the Severn Trent region.

The initial requirement following contract award was to produce a full-3D model, based on an original concept.  This was completed alongside a Technical Construction File, produced in accordance with Lintott’s Business Assurance System.  This process ensured that full documentation & calculations were contained therein & associated regulations & testing (such as BS EN 1090) were fastidiously applied.

Based on Severn Trent’s requirements & Lintott’s pioneering approach to productisation, Lintott has produced a ‘family’ of eight solutions (four sizes with both a left & right-hand variant).  This has a volume flow-rate range of c7 mega-litres per day to c35.  Each unit comprises two reactors in a Duty / Standby arrangement.  Generally, the minimum UVT value is 85% (although a lower working value is possible, easily facilitated via a modified solution).  Kiosk-based solutions are housed in a security-rated enclosure, tested & certified to SR4 (LPS 1175 Security Rating).

Standardised design, working processes & in-build testing & verification have reduced factory acceptance to just half-a-day (which doesn’t require the client to be present).  Installation & commissioning take place over two days.  This is made possible due to the completeness of the overall solution, its engineered simplicity & pre-delivery site readiness via the use of a standardised positioning jig.