Barnabee Meadow - A Lintott "Nature in Industry" Initiative.

Embracing Nature: Barnabee Meadow! 


In 2019, commenced Lintott’s environmental & wildlife project “Barnabee Meadow” (reflecting Norfolk’s name for a ladybird, known as a “ Bishy Barnabee”).  Fusing both Lintott’s Environmental Excellence Programme & its HRM Strategy (which seeks to continually enhance the employee experience). To date, this includes the shrubs, grasses & alpines, a grassland, strawberry planter, bug factory, bird boxes, pond area, a fenced-off walkway, & an outside seating area.  As well as being a sanctuary which seeks to promote local wildlife, including beautiful butterflies, Barnabee Meadow provides a rest area for both colleagues & visitors, which is especially lovely in the summer time! ☀️